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      This mandate starts with a strong denial. "No, I didn't change the design without telling you. How DARE you accuse me of such a thing?" The bind comes when the accuser concludes, on the strength of the denial, that the accused is not only guilty of the charge, but guiltier than suspected. A battle ensues, where the accused ever more strongly denies the charges, which ever more increasingly convinces the accuser of their guilt. This is a game without end. Groups do this, too, alienating customer, supplier, sponsor, competing team, and even fellow team members. Eventually, an uninvolved party might question what the real problem is. By this time, the original charge is moot. The mind reading has become the problem.

There is no denying what's obvious to others, no matter how fantastic their conclusion. There is no convincing the certain, no changing the confident. The Obviously! Injunction can be abandoned but it is rarely resolved. The accused often bears the responsibility of simply going on, deciding to work well anyway. When you see a feeding frenzy, question the diners more than the dinner.


Working Well Together

True North project guidance strategies can help you identify the answers that need questioning in your project. We can help you formulate the questions that can render these binds toothless. We can also show your team members how to develop the skills to identify their own answers, formulate their own questions, and create the conditions that will allow them to work well together.

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