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Welcome to our community! This page is dedicated to dialogue, connection, and relationships.  

Please visit our friends and colleagues, partners and suppliers in our community.

Reforming Project Management- a weblog by Hal Macomber dedicated to better ways of working with projects.

The Heartland Institute - Home of Craig and Patricia Neal's ThoughtLeaderGatherings, a novel application of dialogue and wisdom circle technology.

Berrett-Koehler Publishers - An amazing publishing company that is setting out to change the way business is done.

Peter Block -  Don't miss Peter's latest book The Answer to How is Yes.  Peter is one of the early gurus of internal consulting, the stewardship model of leadership, and of new ways of thinking about business and leadership. 

Margaret Wheatley - Starting with the application of chaos theory to business in her groundbreaking book Leadership and the New Science, and most recently through the exploration of conversation as a key component of building organizations and communities in Turning to One Another: Simple Conversations to Restore Hope to the Future, Meg pushes the thinking and the practice of business, leadership, and the way we move together into the future.

Naomi Karten- Home of Naomi Karten: Speaker, Author, Consultant, Teacher, and Friend.

Strider and Cline- The home of Eileen and Wayne Strider's Leader's Forum.

Ken Pugh-  of Pugh-Killeen Associates Ken does Object-Oriented Analysis/Design and Java, C, C++ Training and Consulting 

Joshua Kerievsky-  Industrial Logic, Inc. Josh specializes in Java, Patterns, and Extreme Programming, Analysis and Design, Training, including his Design Patterns Workshop and his online Programming with Patterns series, and Mentoring. 

Rich Van Horn-  Rich has a training and consulting practice focused upon helping people master their MindSets. His insights help organizations, individuals, and leaders develop their resiliancy and create more robust change. 

ALLPM.COM- Michael Lines' crossroads of the project management world. He links to us, we link back to him.

THE LONGING The Web and the Return of Voice-  The journal of the hyperlinked organization. This is a most interesting rant. It points out that the web gives us our voices back and that organizations today are unmanagable. Thanks to Bill Seitz for this link! 

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