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True North pgs, Inc. publishes a newsletter called Compass. We distribute it via the Internet and by regular mail to a community now numbering about 4000.

I created Compass as a covenant with my founding community, to pay it back for helping me do what I love to do. The original commitment continues. The newsletter has outgrown its original charter as simply a journal of project management, covering now a broader set of issues, much in the same way that work today covers more territory than it used to. Compass serves as the basis for providing more effective leadership to your community.

I believe that we improve each others quality of experience by sharing our stories and our insights. Feel free to download Adobe Acrobat® .pdf copies of our newsletter, in either print or screen-optimized versions.

Download Your Compass Newsletters Here
Screen Optimized  -  Print Optimized
The Cheese Stands Alone
- screen optimized
The Cheese Stands Alone
- print optimized
Tidings of Comfort and Joy
- screen optimized
Tidings of Comfort and Joy
- print optimized
Wellness - screen optimized Wellness - print optimized
Beyond Blindness - screen optimized Beyond Blindness - print optimized
1% Solution - screen optimized 1% Solution - print optimized
Naked Consulting (3) - screen optimized Naked Consulting (3) - print optimized
Naked Consulting (2) - screen optimized Naked Consulting (2) - print optimized
Naked Consulting - screen optimized Naked Consulting - print optimized
State of the Art - screen optimized State of the Art - print optimized
Dead Reckoning - screen optimized Dead Reckoning- print optimized
Fey Lure- screen optimized Fey Lure- print optimized
We've Moved! Bonus Issue- screen optimized We've Moved! Bonus Issue-print optimized
One Continuous Mess- screen optimized One Continuous Mess- print optimized
Reasonable Expectations- screen optimized Reasonable Expectations- print optimized
Going Ballistic!-screen optimized Going Ballistic!-print optimized
Heresy-screen optimized Heresy-print optimized
Idiocracy-screen optimized Idiocracy-print optimized
Project Management is Dead!-screen optimized Project Management is Dead!-print optimized
Why?-screen optimized Why?-print optimized
BS2K-screen optimized BS2K-print optimized
Unconditional Superlatives-screen optimized Unconditional Superlatives-print optimized
Why Schedules Fall Apart-screen optimized Why Schedules Fall Apart-print optimized
Rocket Science-screen optimized Rocket Science-print optimized
Cost of Planning Alone-screen optimized Cost of Planning Alone-print optimized

To view these newsletters, you will need Adobe Acrobat. Download it from Adobe's site.

All works published in this newsletter are the property of True North pgs, Inc., and may not be reprinted, used, or otherwise distributed without the expressed, written permission of the publisher.

Ask for permission and you'll get it.

David A. Schmaltz, President
Subscription Information

If you wish to subscribe to Compass- or if you wish to change your subscription in any way, drop us a note here. If you've got a really good excuse, we'll even consider sending your Compass by regular mail.

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