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      This imperative starts with the confident belief in the rightness of our perspective. "Any reasonable person will agree that we should approach the problem this way." (It might be more insidious.) "Tardiness at status meetings and other undisciplined behavior will not be tolerated!" Careful, there is nothing offensive here to the well acculturated. Peek under the starched covering, though, and some questions might intrude. Aren't there other explanations for tardiness?

Requiring behaviors (rather than results) is a common and deeply insidious encumbrance to working well together. It undermines diversity, which is a subtle and usually necessary strength. Diversity usually first shows itself as a mess needing tidying. Tidying it misses more important points. Questioning orthodox perspectives usually seems foolhardy. It will almost certainly get you the short-term anxiety of your confident comrades and sometimes, only sometimes, yield the longer-term gratitude of those with which you work.


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