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Defining Failure

My Defining Informing Failure

I entered the seventh grade a successful student. In grade school, I had lived among the top tier of students, participating in an array of extracurricular activities. I played a decent (though never distinguished) second chair clarinet, squaredanced, Cub Scouted, and ran my own paper route. I’d written and produced a play in my fifth grade class for scholastic achievers, and even conquered the dreaded long division. I left grade school college bound. By the end of my first term in junior high school, I was certain that college would be beyond my reach.

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DC United

Let's say we have two communities, one who firmly believes that differences of opinion can only be resolved one of two ways: beat the crap out of the opposing view and walk away the 'winner,' or (if really necessary, dragging both feet and whining) by compromising, defined as giving up something I really, really want and forcing you to sacrifice something you really really want, then agreeing that this is the very best either of us can do. That's one side, call it DC, for Dominion or Compromise. Slip over here for more ...

Industrial Scale

For the last hundred years or so, corporations feverishly prepared for a future few of them lived to experience. Business schools, knowing who butters their toast, have actively colluded in this pursuit. Individuals, faced with a future increasingly dominated by The Big Boys, have often chosen to join in the grand charade rather than suffer the consequences of bucking the apparently inexorable system. All suited up now with no place to go, the ranks of unemployed managers expand while ever more newly-minted masters of a moribund form of administration enter the fray.

What they're finding out there today is really no different than what their great grandfathers found: employers capable of insisting upon unconscionable irony. People struggling to hum along to tunes they do not really believe in. Slip over here for more ...


Covenant: Certainty Is The Problem

The only unsolvable problem anyone ever encounters: The Certainty Problem.

Perhaps we are hard-wired with a blind spot when we look at what's so obviously there. It's always mere illusion, transformed into absolute delusion when certainty stares inside. Slip over here for more ...


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