Covenant: Certainty Is The Problem

The only unsolvable problem anyone ever encounters: The Certainty Problem.

Perhaps we are hard-wired with a blind spot when we look at what's so obviously there. It's always mere illusion, transformed into absolute delusion when certainty stares inside.

We dare not carry the weight of endless uncertainty, nor the vacuous lightness of absolute certainty. We live somewhere in between, double-clutching and grinding gears even when we remember the transmission and the gear shift there. The problem with the certainty problem has always been that it limits our potential, our choices. It works until it doesn't, and when it doesn't work, we're more likely to spin our wheels in an ever-deepening mud hole, still certain of our goal, confident of our path, seemingly consecrated by our certainty.

Damned if we do and also conveniently damned if we don't, we can confidently choose between them then. Or bust this damnable dilemma by choosing what no certainty could support. Roll the dice. Spin the wheel. Randomize the search routine. For if there is one unsolvable problem in this world, it is certainly the Certainty Problem.

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