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Free Advice

It's been over a century now that otherwise bright consultants have been offering the same sage advice: Focus on the employees. Be of service and profits will follow. Be clear about your purpose. Given the choice between cutting head count and cutting the dividend, cut the dividend. You can't drive knowledge workers, and everyone who works for you is a knowledge worker.

Yesterday afternoon, I heard the latest rehash of these classics on NPR's Marketplace program, where Rosabeth Moss Kantor, herself a NY Times Best selling author and Harvard B-School professor, warmly remembered Peter Drucker's legacy. What would Drucker have to say about the current business climate? Same old, same old. Slip over here for more ...


Integration: Symmetry

"It would be hardly too much to say that modern science began when people became accustomed to the idea of changes changing, e.g. to the idea of acceleration as opposed to simple motion." Arthur N. Prior

Changing the whole idea of change has occurred a few times in the history of science. Transcendent moments where some quiet, previously undiscovered truth emerged from an unlikely place. Those who were trudging the straight and narrow were surprised, often angry. Several of these game-changing insights were not accepted or even recognized until their discoverer was long gone. Slip over here for more ...


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