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Mastering Projects Work

Finally, a workshop about projects that's designed for everyone working with projects, not just for project managers! 

The Mastering Project Work workshop helps equip anyone associated with a project with the insight, perspective, and techniques to improve their project experience.  Mastering Project Work helps all members of the project community understand the real nature of project work and their own leverage for making the project work -- for themselves, their project team, and their organization.

Building on the old fable of the six blind men failing to describe an elephant to each other, this workshop helps participants understand the true source of and the resolution for the difficulties inherent in project work.  While exploring the root cause of these difficulties -- incoherence, the inability of a group of people to make common meaning from their common experience -- participants will develop a set of useful insights and techniques for developing the coherence essential for successfully adapting to the real nature of their fuzzy projects.

Using David Schmaltz’s book The Blind Men and the Elephant: Mastering Project Work as a foundation, this two-day workshop engages each participant to

  • Understand the real nature of projects and their fundamental relationship with their projects
  • Choose useful roles and responsibilities within their project
  • Discover their own power and authority to create a meaningful experience
  • Access and leverage their potential to create exceptional results
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Who Should Attend?

Mastering Project Work considers the challenges for each person associated with a project -- sponsors, customers, suppliers, project leaders and managers -- as well as for those assigned to perform project work, the project workers. It focuses upon helping all members of this project community better understand their power within the project context, so each can more meaningfully contribute to his or her project’s success.

Mastering Project Work's readings, lectures, simulations, and conversations are designed to uncover and unlock the hidden potential that each project participant (often unknowingly) brings to their work assignments. Sidestepping the common arguments about approach and method, this workshop focuses upon elements that anyone can choose to deploy, regardless of the maturity, orientation, and underlying capacity of their project's sponsoring organization.

Mastering Project Work focuses on changes each participant has full power and authority to make.  This experience shifts the focus from the participants’ attempting to change external factors -- other individuals on the project, the nature of the project, and the organization -- as conditions for improvement, to the participants’ changing themselves and their relationships to the project and to others in the project community. This avoids the often-encountered difficulty where real change is held hostage to someone or something else's inability or unwillingness to change. Participants will consider their own capacity for becoming the master of their own experience, and so transform the project's potential to deliver exceptional results.

Workshop Outline

The Blind Men And The Elephant: Considering The Nature Of Project Work
Redefining Success
The Wall: Considering Your Role On Projects
Ensuring A Juicy Experience
The Spear: Considering A Subordinate's Power
Creating More Useful Realities
The Snake: Considering The Others Around Us
Transforming Snakes
The Tree: Considering Project Organization
How Work Really Gets Done
The Fan: Considering My Project Within My Project Assignment
Using What I Have To Get What I Want
The Rope: Considering Community In The Real World
Creating Coherence
Theologic Wars: Making The Best Of Curious Choices
The Seven Universal Laws of Project Work

Mastering Projects Work Open Enrollment Dates and Locations
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