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The BeyondLeadership Program

The finest leaders in history have struck out on their own, inventing a leadership style and practice well suited to their temperament and their unique situations. While we might become informed by studying these leaders, we cannot hope to succeed as a leader by simply adopting their practices.  If we are to become powerful leaders, we must engage in the entrepreneurial invention that has supported every great leader's practice. To do otherwise is following, not leading. 

BeyondLeadership is an experiential leadership-development program intended to evoke the deep learning, lasting insights, and profound lessons upon which an authentic leadership practice is based. 

We designed BeyondLeadership to help individuals discover how to teach themselves what they need to become the leader they aspire to be. Rather than learning to follow others' models of leadership, participants investigate their own behavior patterns. By discovering how they succeed and fail in their own situations, they begin to learn the lessons that grow into the ability to more consciously employ their skills, especially in those moments when different choices are needed.

BeyondLeadership focuses attention at expanding real maturity -- the ability to acknowledge and accept the impact of self, other, and context -- and learn how to more effectively cope with the key crises punctuating every leader's career: the identity, relationship, and context crises.

BeyondLeadership brings a deeper focus on acknowledging and accepting the present, usually less than ideal, organizational environment, while developing skills for leveraging each organization’s useful features. The result is not deeply dissatisfied managers, but leaders capable of working with the real-world difficulties present within even the most productive and mature organizations.

Not a Week’s Workshop, But an Introduction to a Life’s Work!

A formal preparation and follow-up program bounds the week-long BeyondLeadership residential experience. We help sponsors align their objectives with their organizations’ overall goals for participating in the program. We advise them in selecting candidates and preparing participants to make the most of their BeyondLeadership experience. BeyondLeadership faculty helps sponsors and participants develop in-house networks to support the continued application and integration of key learning and insights into their organizations’ day-to-day operations.

A group of practicing leaders and experienced practitioners advise BeyondLeadership. Each appreciates the potential value from such experiences, actively participates in designing and renewing this experience, and takes a personal responsibility to spread these possibilities to a wider audience.

BeyondLeadership Dates and Locations

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