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The White Collar Recession

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Covenant: Keep An Eye On The Big Mean Guys

Continuing with the investigation of the covenants of work, I introduce another universal understanding in the form of a caution. Keep an eye on the BIG mean guys.

One of my first survival jobs found me working day shift in what I called The Asparagus Factory. I suppose this was a perfectly normal industrial venue, but aside from experience watching Industry On Parade, a TV program that showed conveyor belts and assembly lines in action, I'd never actually set foot inside a factory.

The first context marker I noticed? NOISE! I was issued a pair of ear plugs along with my hair net and green hard hat, but even so, stepping into that machinery-filled warehouse blew the breath out of me. Conveyor belts whining, lift truck motors mumbling, a hundred poorly synchronized electric motors squealing, the place was simply deafening. Slip over here for more ...


Covenant: Tell Compelling Stories

I started this series a few weeks ago, inspired to write down a few of the stickier lessons I've learned about how to engage in work. Showing up involves more than proper attire, skill training, and a go-get-'em attitude. There's some subtle stuff going on underneath. For most, the subtlety goes unnoticed until someone, some kind mentor, points out what was certainly always lurking there.

So far, I've noted that One Does Not Drive Results, gotten myself into some trouble claiming that The Gods Are Always In Charge (controversy surrounding my use of the divine capital Gods), reminded myself that There Are No Marginal Players, reflected that No One Is Apathetic Except When Pursuing Someone Else's Goals, and finally, that Relationships Trump Everything.

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