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Demystifying DC - part one

For being our common capitol, there’s probably no place in these United States more misunderstood than Washington DC. These misunderstandings are understandable, since the place seems way too complicated to ever fully comprehend. Like most towns, it never was exactly what it appears to be. Nor has it ever been true to its legend. It’s a mystery to most of the country, and remains somewhat of a mystery to itself.

But it’s a place worth investigating. It runs on more than money. Though money plays a stunningly important role here, abject poverty is commonplace. It also runs on truly remarkable dedication. I know, the media and the more ingenuous politicians have never stopped complaining about the cost, the waste, and the most obvious absurdities of our government, and DC, being the seat of that government, gets unavoidably painted whenever their terribly broad brushes take another swipe. And from the distance across a continent, it pretty much all looks the same. Slip over here for more ...


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