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Homefull 1.1: Winnowing

Almost everyone who hears we’re moving tells us what a great opportunity this time affords. Great time to sort through possessions and just get rid of unneeded stuff. Before our forced relocation here nearly four years ago, I helped clean out my folks’ place, winnowing all the way. Then I winnowed out my own place, leaving some real treasures behind. When we moved in here, in exile, we had to rent extra storage space to hold some of our remaining treasures. This ‘opportunity’ feels more like a lifeboat game.

I haven’t accumulated much over the past four years. I stemmed my compulsive book buying with frequent visits to the library. The New Yorkers accumulate until I recycle them. I’m net negative clothes-wise. Kitchenware, about even, so what should I chuck? Slip over here for more ...


Homefull 1.0: Gravity's Pull

Way back in July, the landlords announced that they’d be selling this place. That message neutralized our status quo and introduced months of chaotic living. Since, I’ve stalked a replacement, dragging my sorry butt home feeling homeless dozens of times. In August, I thought I’d found a good-enough replacement, and The Muse was accepting, though cheerless. Two weeks ago I stumbled upon the real place, Amy learned that she wouldn’t be transferring to Colorado yet, and everything just started falling together.

The first part of this journey felt hindered by my attraction to my old status quo. Even though I knew we could not stay, I could barely stay away. I suppose some know this as denial, but I wasn’t denying anything except my apparent helplessness compared to gravity’s pull. Once we’d pulled far enough away, we felt adrift, weightless. We inhabited middle space, apparently attractive to no place and not yet attracted anywhere, either. This emptiness ruled for a month or two, and threatened to take over as the new status quo. What could we know? When could we know it? Slip over here for more ...


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