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I remember both fondly and incorrectly the mornings I wrote my published book The Blind Men and the Elephant. To my faulty memory, I composed it effortlessly, almost stream of consciously, with little subsequent editing needed. In fact, the experience was more like walking to Georgia on my finger tips than dictating flawless prose. That time was every bit as fit and starty as today.

I believe that the finishing touches on any piece of writing erases much of the pain experienced when pulling it up out of its unlikely hat. A flood of joy washes all the blood, sweat, and fears away, leaving a sweet smelling result. This dance between whitewashed memory and blistering experience discourages me. I mean it extracts most of my courage and leaves me stunned and confused.

Then a morning like this morning comes along. I’d been thinking about composing the introduction to OtterSummer the book for a week or so, but found convenient distractions to redirect my energies. This morning, an all-too-rare convergence happened. I rose even earlier than usual and set to work. By the time The Muse got rousted, I was finished. I read the result to her as she was dressing, and she declared it sweet. My work was done.

Now I can share the manuscript and network to find the proper publisher, for I’ve once again pulled a rabbit out of that deep, dark, mysterious hat. Today, otherwise as ordinary as any other OrdinaryTime day, seems whitewashed and clean. My sins, mostly of omission, forgiven and my salvation guaranteed. I will not poison this blessing by mentioning all the effort still remaining. I’m reveling in a personal milestone here and will not be distracted.

If you’d like to help review the finished work, send me a message and I’ll send you a link to a review copy. I will welcome your interest and appreciate your contribution. Every finish magically creates space for what comes next. Today, I’m celebrating pure magic.

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