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Unstuck 1.6: In-Smart

I tangle my heart strings whenever I out-source what only my heart could ever understand. I’ve learned to second-guess myself.

I claim that I’ll know it when I see it, but I probably won’t. Worse, I’m prone to concluding that I know simply because I see something. Where matters of the heart are concerned, I’m naturally in-smart. If I out-source when I’m in-smart, I consistently out-smart myself.

Almost any choice will do. Where would you like to go to dinner? Gosh, I don’t know, where would you like to go? Lemme check the Going Out Guide to see what the restaurant reviewer who’s opinions I don’t respect advises. He suggests a place that ends up serving small plates at astronomically high prices in deafening surroundings. We out-sourced what we might have more satisfyingly resolved with our in-smarts. We successfully out-smarted ourselves.

When choosing something as critical as dinner, my nose pretty reliably guides me. Why, then, do I often insist upon out-sourcing what my in-smart does better, faster, and cheaper?

I could get stuck just pondering why. Why doesn’t matter in affairs of the heart.

Hearts don’t ponder or wonder, or wander far from home. They hang near the center, repeating a mantra like the tuning fork for our souls. Some stuff needs thinking, deliberation, and proof, the rest of life needs something more subtle to ever approach any truth.

Make one heartless decision, out smart yourself one time, and it’s a better than even bet you began to regret before you’d even decided. You tried to resolve the dilemma, to quiet the cacophonous churn by ignoring the vibe you felt humming inside when the choices didn’t quite gibe. Go ahead, undo that decision, a thought experiment will do. How different does it feel when you imagine you still have the options you’d just tried to still?

That old heart seems to keep right on beating a cadence that just might reveal something no head can ever quite get, ‘till regretting how it feels.

©2012 by David A. Schmaltz - all rights reserved

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