Rendered Fat Content

Grandma Love

Don’t look for it in the movies,
try not to push and shove,
no pundit in this world understands
Grandma Love.
It’s the glue that sticks together
pretty much everything we see,
but rarely do we stop to think
what that glue might be.

Part of it’s tenacity from all the mistakes she’s made,
part of it must be cookie dough, and one part lemonade.
A pinch of pure meanness from her sisters when she was small,
and a hefty hunk of hickory stick,
as your bottom well knows.
There’s a lady also lurking in there
behind an apron smeared with jam,
remnants of some recipes from her g-mam.
A fair smidge of understanding
and a full measure, too, of care,
It’ll never do if you misconstrue
what’s going on in there.
She gives more than you give her credit for,
much less than you think you deserve,
still she’s likely as not to secretly sneak you
seconds of dessert.
She holds the secret to the gravy that helps your taters slide
and the mystery within the perfect crust that
makes your chocolate pie.
She changed you as an infant
and still sorts your underpants,
and if you ask her nice enough,
she could teach you how to dance,
because Grandma Love knows quite a lot
about pretty much everything,
and just spending some time around her ‘ll fix up
pretty much anything.
So don’t sass her when you see her and please suppress the smiles
when it’s pretty clear she can’t recall the last couple of hundred miles.
Say, “Yes ‘m,” when she tells you, and, “No mam,” when she’s right,
‘cause Grandma Love’s the very last person you’ll be wantin’ to fight.
She took you just as delivered, then improved you with a shove,
Just imagine how very special you are to have Grandma Love.

Merry Christmas

©2013 by David A. Schmaltz - all rights reserved

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