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Unstuck 3.4: Faking It

It seems ironic that deliberate self-deception can effectively counter authentic stuckness. I almost always inadvertently sink into stuckness, no volition involved. When I notice the sticking, even deliberately trying to get more stuck can, curiously, end up unsticking me, probably because I’m shifting the inadvertent into the volitional. Sure, I can also unstick by pretending I’m not stuck. Either deception can serve to release the suction for a moment, and nobody needs more than a moment of unstuck to transform that stuck inertia into the other, more mobile kind.

No need to submit to any plastic surgery, a moment of masking will do. Many difficulties seem so firmly rooted in simply being stuck, that one tiny moment’s release might make one huge difference. And, I know of no comportment rules governing fair play when unsticking, so faking’s fine.

One amplifying side effect of stuck for me seems to be an enhanced ability to explain what I cannot do: what I don’t do, don’t know, don’t know how to do, as if stuck bestows some kind of advanced degree in negative knowledge. Maybe just because my stuck story insists I can’t, I don’t. But I could, I suppose, simply shift my story as if I ‘could.’ Then, perhaps, I really could.

Even when I fully acknowledge my fantasy, I’ve successfully shifted my encumbering story. Then what? What then?

Unsticking might require no more than shifting a single ‘I can’t!’ into an equally tiny ‘what now?’. Even I can usually fake it long enough to make do.

Deliberate can shift inadvertent. No magic involved other than the familiar stagecraft of temporarily suspending some disbelief. Break a leg!

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