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Matsubara Naoko: Page from Hagoromo [Feathered Robe] (1984-86)

" … the burden of being the wealthiest …"

If I were the richest person in the world, I would be better at it than the present incumbent has been. I would not become a right-wing troll or promote senseless conspiracy theories or be even the least bit stingy. I would gladly give away most of my wealth, freely share my good fortune. I wouldn't own a private jet, but fly coach, asking for the middle seat in the last row and hope to find a new mother with her cranky baby seated next to me. I would live to surprise my fellow human beings, for I would dedicate myself to being a truly human being. I'd be the most benevolent person anyone would ever remember, a saint, a gem.

As it is, I am not now nor am I ever likely to share the challenges the world's richest person faces.
I cannot honestly even relate to what those difficulties might be, for who serves as the role model for the only one currently in existence? Does a league of the world's richest people exist where they share handy tips for coping with that role's challenges, where people learn how to want a private super yacht and fourteen fabulous homes? Where one comes to understand excess and its perverting influences? Where one might receive instruction on how to live as if they're a normal person even though they're the richest person in the world?

If I could be honest with myself, I might conclude that the very last thing I might really want to be would be to become the richest person in town, let alone in the world. The richest seems to purchase more problems than anyone else, even if I don't consider the weaseling around the infamous taxman every richest person seems to become obsessed with avoiding. As it is, I rather revel in the taxman visiting for he reminds me that I'm still solvent without taking more than I can easily afford, even at his currently excessive rates. Excess seems to render people paranoid. Too much leaves folks worse off than the poorest, who having nothing left to lose and so little fear losing anything anymore. They might even be thought of as the richest people in the world, except for their obvious lack of liquid assets.

I was thinking that I would be more benevolent than thou if I were the richest person in the world, but who insists I'm not? I might not possess the biggest bank account, but I hold my share and more of other, perhaps less fungible wealth. I might even hold more of myself than anybody else has ever held in the entire history of this world. I could be a crown of creation all by myself, so I suppose I might consider at least attempting to be more benevolent than thou right now, all by myself. Others might be better endowed with other kinds of wealth, but I hazard that not one of them holds even a quarter as much of me as I possess. I figure that I might just as well share that. I could be the most Successful sovereign fund ever sharing excess assets. No real need for me to feel even the least bit of Envy for those unfortunates who carry the burden of being the wealthiest in terms of only money. How utterly boring their lives must be!

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