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OrdinaryTimes 1.23-Alignment

Some OrdinaryTimes days, just a very few, align perfectly. The Muse insists that the universe is always in perfect alignment, and I accept her wisdom, but acknowledge that only sometimes does that universal constant require no nudging from me. Today, apples fell off the tree just as I passed beneath, landing a juicy, perfectly ripe fruit right into the palm of my hand. Again and again.

I’m tempted to believe that I might have hit some turning point where this could become the new normal, but I’m not quite that needy or delusional yet. Instead, I’ll just appreciate, dog-tired, and proceed. I’m confident that there’s no particular reason behind this remarkable series. Randomness explains it adequately without diminishing the experience even a little bit.

A song was born today. Always a special event, it came on the far edge of a long fallow period where I might have easily imagined that my song bladder had about worked himself out. I think it needed a convergence to kick-start the old secretions again, and The Muse’s birthday provided a dandy one; again, perfectly timed on this perfectly aligned day. It started out all wrong and I buried my head beneath a pillow for a while only to find the emerging melody impossible to ignore. Then the tune kind of pulled out the story before The Muse’s perfectly aligned universe finished the job. Honestly, I was mostly just transcribing.

The usually harrowing exit from beneath the Beltway got side-stepped, too. The road just seemed to open before us and quite literally before we knew it, we were almost into Pennsylvania, even though I’d taken a wrong turn somewhere. The turn, again following The Muse’s lead, took us on an even better than expected route through rolling corn fields and idyllic villages.

Supper, we just happened upon a perfect little locally-sourcing bistro with exactly the proper food. After supper, driving to our hotel along the Susquehanna, the minor league ballpark across the river was shooting off fireworks to cap off a perfect day.

I’m willing to accept The Muse’s injunction. Perhaps the universe is always in perfect alignment and I need only discern that alignment to properly line up my expectations. I’m enormously satisfied, though, when an ordinary day demands no clever shape-shifting from me, delivering seamlessly. I suspect that tomorrow and probably the day after will hold some of the glow leftover from this peak OrdinaryTime. Another similar day should spot me soon enough.

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