The Wonder I Have Found

“There are so many,” she whined, standing knee-deep in the snow.
“I haven’t a chance to make a difference, unless it’s falling slow.”

“Just keep trying!” I hear d a voice encouraging her on,
“One never knows until it snows, ‘though your chances DO seem long
That anyone as small as you could ever slow the storm.
But unless you try, I can’t say why, you know you’ll never know.”

“But it just seems so hopeless!!” the child’s small voice replied.
“They’re stinging my nose and biting my toes,” that young one almost cried.
And I felt her frustration and thought I’d intervene,
“Who is this toad who likes to goad an innocent, unseen?”

Then in a spark of wisdom, I glimpsed the human fate
To stand against impossible odds, convinced it’s not too late
to catch enough from far too much and find a foothold there.
Even there! Even thin air could prove essential stuff.

So I held my tongue and stood my ground and furtively glanced around
Wondering if she would catch the drift of the wonder I had found.
Her chore was surely hopeless, like everyone’s it seems,
And yet under just such impossible odds, wonder’s usually seen .


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