Rendered Fat Content


will be a brief, peg-legged posting. I have been peg-legging for some time, working around a curious feature. A few weeks ago, my space bar and delete key started working intermittently. Just here and there would I noticethatwhatIhadjusttypedcameoutasonevery,verylongword. Wait a minute or two, and the problem would fix itself.

I finally replaced the keyboard, something I procrastinated on because it is a 140 mile round trip to the nearest Mac shop, and because, actually, I was enjoying the increased consciousness this little frustration brought.

Along about Friday, though, the novelty wore off. I was trying to write something and thespacebar(thenewone!)refusedtoclickbacktoworkingmode.

The technician suggested I repair permissions, which I did to no effect. Next, she suggestedreloading the operating system, which, with help from Amy, got done. Again, to no effect. I finally figured out that I could copy a space and type-paste my way through a document. Sort of. This procedure so jangles flow as to render me functionally primitive. (I know, how would anyone ever know?)

I am including a link to an entertaining piece about unlearning: Unlearning-Obsolete-Technologies. My peg-legging brings unearning into sharp relief, where I cannot freely exercise my same-old usta be. Painful.

After the holiday, I will go get another keyboard installed. Until then, I am taking an extended break. Cheers!

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