Our society seems stuck in remembrances. We almost celebrate the anniversaries of bad things that have happened in the past. 9/11, of course, but also Oklahoma City, which I remember because that was the day my sister Susan died in a car accident. I don't grieve Susan's passing like I did the day it occurred. I think it's evidence of a healthy human to move beyond grief and integrate losses rather than celebrate them by picking at the healing scab.

Rearview Blinders

While the world remembers
Please let me forget
All the misbegotten deeds
We could only regret.
I'd rather focus forward
And see what ever I find
Than move my sight behind myself
And miss this sacred sign.

A world impelled to ignorance
A future filled with past
A wisdom weakened by wanderlust
The moment slipping fast.
Our future stands before us
With no thing left behind
Except illusory remembrance,
A moment out of mind.

Imagine, then, this moment
pristine and freely born
Imagine another moment, then,
And ditch the fearful frown.
Nothing sticks and nothing stays
And nothing gets left behind
As moment moves into moment
in endless, streaming rhyme.

The Quad, University of Washington campus

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