Rendered Fat Content


The last few weeks have seen me computerless. A manufacturing problem, left unidentified, caused me to burn out four logic boards and make three 140 mile round trips to the nearest service center. They finally found and fixed the problem. My machine cought up with me in Wisconsin last this last week, and I'm finally clicking keys again.

In the mean time, I rediscovered the power of the pen. I relearned that I can actually write using paper, and write just about as fast and certainly as effectively. Were it not for the transcription time, I could probably create faster with a pen. Of course, the spelling would be wanting. And the transcription work is a useful edit all by itself.

I recommend going computerless occasionally. It' Lent, perhaps giving up computing for Lent would be a useful focusing tool for anyone dependent upon their computer, as dependent as I had become.

Vonnegut, in his latest book, remembers the delight in manually typing pages and sending off the resulting parcel to his typist. The human interaction demanded by this ritual was worth savoring.

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