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Carless- Day Six -Wits End

I didn’t need public transport today. I could have ginned up some excuse for an excursion just to ‘get out,’ but the weather was blistering, and by afternoon, strong thunderstorms took over. I was satisfied sitting at home.

I might not have chosen this satisfaction had the old car been handy. I wouldn’t have complained about a fresh loaf of bread. I might have ‘needed’ something from the hardware store. But the slight inconvenience of needing to plan the outing was plenty enough barrier to prevent me from such distractions. I chose to face my own demons in the relative discomfort of my keyboard, instead.

I got to wondering how much of my life so far I’ve spent running needless errands. Sure, sometimes a distracting drive’s just what the old muse needs to imagine something insightful. But more often, I’m capable of making up some urgency so I can seem to heroically satisfy it. What, besides the easy ego gratification did I really buy at the seven eleven?

More important, what did I forego? I live by my wits, it seems, and veering off on some half-witted tour in lieu of confronting my wit’s end might not be the very best use of my time. I remember the car today as an enabler of many of my most half-witted adventures.

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