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Homeless 0-41: Sweet Breezes

I have no idea where I’ll be forty one days from now. I suppose it’s past time that I really should be lighting my hair on fire and running in manic circles. I’m reconnecting instead.

I have no freaking clue how I became so fortunate to be exactly where I am today. Sweet summer breezes envelope my present, soften my past, and ennoble my immediate future. It’s my birthday and I’m in no hurry to achieve any future or abandon any past.

I don’t know where these sweet breezes came from or where they’ll blow after wafting around me. I know only what I feel, and I’m out of my head enough here to be present enough to actually feel their sweetness. No annoying trickle of sweat trailing down my backside. No anxious tableaux anticipating my next move. Such presence qualifies as timelessness, the finest possible birthday present.

Tomorrow I can worry, should I choose. Wednesday I can reenter the world I cannot comprehend. Now, today, I’ll let these sweet breezes hold me and all I think I know. I know nothing worth wasting the breath revealing. I have not figured anything out. My purpose might be to let myself be while the sweet summer breezes blow.

©2012 by David A. Schmaltz - all rights reserved

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