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Carless- Day Eight -Not Hovering

The evening routine’s shifted. Instead of hovering, waiting for Amy to announce her departure from work and her follow-up call to report that she’s made it to the Metro stop-before-ours so I can hop in the car and collect her, I open the front door so she can let herself in. She still calls to say she’s on her way and sometimes calls to chat on her walk/bus ride from the station, but I’m not hovering. I’m prepping supper instead.

And it was raining, or threatening rain, so I harvested my home grown arugula rather than walk over to the co-op for greens. It seemed that we had insufficient supplies for supper until the rain encouraged me to ferret around in the bottom of the freezer. The larder provided.

Driving qualifies as a habit, perhaps an addiction. It swipes reasonable alternatives by stifling the imagination. If I have the power of instant gratification, why ever consider extending anticipation?

Tomorrow, we’ll take our first ZipCar® excursion to fill that larder for the coming week. Reserve on my iPhone, walk to the station to fetch the car, and away we’ll go. I’ll let you know how it actually works when I describe carless day number nine.

Eight carless days and we’re still doing fine.

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