More On Relational Work Manifesto

Earlier this year, I posted a start of a sticky idea to mixed comments. I've been considering what I said there. I can spend a lot of time in consideration sometimes. Here's the link back to the earlier piece: Link Back

This past weekend, I received a notice from my friends at the International Society for Systems Sciences about a new field of study they're promoting called Relational Science. Smelled interesting.

Here's a link to the wiki they're put up to outline the basic idea: Link Here.

Feels like I stumbled upon an old friend. The material points out at least one powerful idea for me: that present investigations assume that the future can be some kind of derivative of the present. That, for instance, the present causes the future. This perspective can't quite explain discontinous change, however. And this omission seems material.

The models we create influence the future we experience, and this modeling behavior---how we characterize what we're in and what we expect to come next---needs to be included in our consideration to achieve a full understanding of what we're in and what we expect next, creating a recursive, self-referential relationship with ourselves, others, and our context. And also, seems to me, with our future, too. This relationship seems fundamental to understanding most everything.

Got me thinking. Considering some more. ...

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