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First PureSchmaltz Friday


Friday, March 20 at 11am MDT (1700 UTC)
Where: https://zoom.us/j/3019315733
(Please note that this link will connect you with David Schmaltz's Personal Zoom Account. The muse aded me as a valid co-user this morning.) (03202020)

The web browser client will download automatically when you start or join your first Zoom meeting, and is also available for manual download here.
Download Version 4.6.7 (18176.0301)

This meeting will be the first convened video chat with people who have accepted my invitation to join my PureSchmaltz Facebook Group. What will we do? We'll chat, which means that nobody will attempt to sell anyone anything or stress out trying to convince anyone of anything. I will begin by making some provocative proclamation. Following that, we'll see where the resulting dialogue leads us.

We'll observe three guiding principles:

Suspend Your Certainty: Nobody, including your convener, knows what might come up and out in this chat. Certainly enter with any expectation you care to carry, but enter knowing that nobody's offering any guarantees that anything in particular will necessarily occur.

Hold Space For Difference: You and I are very likely to encounter some differences as we chat, Our differences belong here, too. Our similarities might attract us, but our differences inform us.

We'll try to speak from "I". However fascinating anyone might find examples of mind reading, we will not be engaging in any on this call. What them and they do can go on without our help during this time. We'll choose to speak from our own perspective as if we were the observer we actually are. "I think, not 'they' think."

Expect the chat to extend no longer than 60 minutes, one hour. I will be recording the proceedings so that those who are unable to attend might observe on their own time. Showing up means you've agreed to be recorded.

Please note that these Zoom chats tend to work best when each participant mutes their microphone unless they are speaking, otherwise, everyone on the call gets treated to someone's barking dog, rumbling dishwasher, or phone ringing in the background.

See you there and thanks for participating in this first one!


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