OrdinaryTimes 1.38-ChanceEncounter

People over tonight. Fellow authors from the Berrett-Koehler Publisher community. Sweet people. We gathered, we wrote, we ate a simple supper, then we told stories. The pen isn’t just mighter than the sword, it renders the sword moot.

I sang, as is my practice whenever anyone dines at my table. I ended the evening with this song, which explains the world as I know it.

Chance Encounter

Let’s hear it for the grand delusion
Let’s sing the praise of whatever we find
For there’s always some reason behind there
of which we’re supposed to be blind.
Sing the praises of whatever we find.

You’d be nowhere now without her
monkey wrench messin’ your mind.
There’s no reason to think you’ll ever out think
What chance has intended you find.
What a dandy-good, double-damned bind.

Sing the praises of whatever we find.

©2011 by David A. Schmaltz - all rights reserved

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