Possessing Truth

"Anyone in possession of a major truth that he can’t get others to accept begins to feel that he’s losing his mind. The skepticism he meets turns him into a soreheaded obsessive. After a while, he becomes “pedantic,” and then, inevitably, “condescending” and “humorless.” Al Gore has been in possession of a major truth about global warming for more than thirty years, and he has suffered the insults of political opponents, the boredom of ironists, and, perhaps most grievously, the routine taunts of a media society which dictates that if you believe in anything too passionately there must be something wrong with you." DAVID DENBY New Yorker Current Cinema column "TUNING IN" 6/12/06

Ouch! Sounds too familiar.

I've been cranky the last few days. Feeling misunderstood, as if I possessed a truth, but couldn't articulate it to anyone else's understanding. This experience might put me in good company, but that is little consolation.

... Now, maybe if I could just articulate whatever this is to myself. ... ... ...

On a related topic... How accurate are the frequently published pundits? Someone's finally watching. A scientist has plotted the accuracy of some popular prognosticators and found that the ones who create flashy stories continue to get published, even though their predictions are almost never correct. Those who consider the complexities are not a whole lot more accurate, but they are less frequently published.

Here's a link to the story:

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